Raylab: Interactive electronic media design and implementation

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Raylab is engaged in the fusion of various media and technologies including live video, film, moving image, graphics, lasers, electronics, optics, computers, sensors and micro controllers. We aim to integrate the fields of electronics, new media, architecture, and computing to create new environments, interactive installations, devices and live performances, using pre-recorded and live generated material. Our work is underpinned by a belief that play is central to understanding and developing new means of communication between people, computers and space.

Raylab is a multi-disciplinary team from a variety of fields, professions and backgrounds. Raylab grows and shrinks to meet the needs of each project, and can draw upon a large number of friends and colleagues, specialists in their own fields, when required. The core members of Raylab include a trained anaesthetist, architect, optical engineer and thermonuclear scientist, with long term and highly developed interests in new media, electronics and a range of programming languages.

Raylab has over 10 years experience of working with electronic media -past projects- and has developed hardware and software applications, devices and solutions, for commercial and non-commercial clients in the UK, Germany and Holland. Raylab have also provided laser projections at a number of events, often collaborating with artist Jamie Reid, including HTH2 Public Ideas Forum, Hackney, Cream in Liverpool, and 291 in East London.

Raylab currently have studios in London and Amsterdam, and will be soon opening an exhibition space dedicated to interactive electronic media in Amsterdam. Our work has also taken us to Germany and Russia, with recent collaborations with free2air.org and consume.net.

Please email us for more information of past projects or if you wish to collaborate, or commission, new works or devices.

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